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PSA spare parts

Company Service S.p.a. is part of the PSA Group's Distrigo network. The sole distributor of original Citroën, Peugeot, DS, Opel and Chevrolet products for the Emilia Romagna region, Company Service can offer you a wide range of original spare parts.

The choice of using original spare parts allow to keep the best performance of your vehicle as well as increasing its lifetime.

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Original replacements

Company Service S.p.a. is able to offer original spare parts of all brands in the market, and consequently provide a complete to the auto repairer. Thanks to different partnerships, we are able to provide you with any original parts of any brand.

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After market spare parts

With the ambition to be the only supplier for all its customers, Company Service also offers a wide range of high quality compatible spare parts. Our technical call center and our professional knowledge will help you in choosing the best compatible replacement in order to maintain the same safety and performance standards as the original spare parts.

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Repair shop equipment

Another very important of Company Service S.p.a. offer is the sector specialized in tools and equipment for repair shop. Professional technical knowledge, mutual cooperation with the suppliers and the wide range of products are the key point for the success of this business.

Our target is to follow the customer at 360 degrees, providing assistance in the daily criticality related to this job. In particular, we are able to provide the solutions that meet the daily needs of his work, which can vary from the smallest specific tool, to the most innovative diagnostic tool, up to the lift or complete the revision line.

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Bodywork equipment

As written for the repair shop equipment, the bodywork equipment sector is also an important and part of the Company Service's business.

Our team is able to offer technical advice both on simple consumables, on small equipment as well as on the design and layout of complete body shops. Our technicians will provide you with constant support from the initial phase to the implementation of the whole shop.

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Painting material

Since 2018 Company Service S.p.a. works together with Reggiana Colori & Vernici S.r.l., in order to complete its own huge automotive spare parts and workshop equipment range of products with paints and related items.

Reggiana Colori is one of the most important paint dealer in Emilia-Romagna and it’s able to offer to the costumer a wide range of coating materials of the best paint brands in the automotive and industrial sectors. All products are high technology and low environmental impact and assure our customers the best performance both from a qualitative and technical point of view.

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