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Advanced Automotive Courses

Technical Training has always been primary in our sector, in order to stay constantly updated on new technologies and new diagnostic techniques. Company Service S.p.a. provide constant support to all its customers, offering both monographic and multi-step courses, which are characterized by being practical and operational. Born from the experience on the field, the courses provide those who will participate, the tools necessary to control, identify and address the ever-new problems concerning the world of car repair.

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ADAS system calibration service

The new technological developments on the latest generation cars have made repair operations more complex. Among the electronic systems that are increasingly important parts in new vehicles, the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have particular needs of reconfiguration after a car crash.

This is why Company Service S.p.a., which is always attentive to the needs of its customers, provides the possibility to rent the equipment necessary for the calibration of the ADAS systems for each type of vehicle, also providing an area in its warehouse where customer can carry out these operations.

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Courtesy cars rental for repair shops and body shops

The rental cars park available at Company Service S.p.a. aims to give full support to body shops and repair shops about courtesy car service to offer to final customers who rely on them for the repair of their cars.

Both short and long term rental service is available, to meet the needs of car repairers and their customers as much as possible.

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Support and technical assistance in the body shop, with support in the preparation of the colors

The increase and strengthening of both own and customers’ business has always been the focus of our company. So this is why Company Service S.p.A., since 2018, works together with Reggiana Colori & Vernici S.r.l., in order to meet costumers’ individual needs and to offer a wide rage of services that will highlight the unexpressed potential of their business, helping to improve the internal processes with the aim to create both savings and new profits.

Thanks to its long-time field experience and to its constantly high trained staff, Reggiana Colori is ready to offer a paints blending service based on your samples, using up-to-date tools to achieve the highest color accuracy that the professional customer needs.

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Support and technical assistance in the repair shop

Company Service’s specialized staff is at complete disposal of customers for consultancy aimed at improving and optimizing the work in the repair shop, identifying the equipment that fit best to the needs of the customer to ensure the best quality/price ratio.

In order to support its customers at any time, Company Service Spa also provides technical support and diagnostic support both on the field and remotely.

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Call center and active consultation

As part of the Customer Care activity, Company Service Spa operators are always ready to support their customers in their activities both in the search for spare parts necessary for any repair or maintenance and in the most suitable equipment to carry out work. In other words, Company Service S.p.a. is the perfect partner in everyday activities.

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